Packing For Ireland | Two Week Travel Guide

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hey guys if you're headed to Ireland I

have got some great packing tips for you

so tuning


okay so packing for Ireland can be it

can be a little bit complicated because

the weather is so funny I mean it just

turns on a dime you're on an island and

you know you're on the middle of the

ocean so the weather can go from

sunshine to pouring rain to the sideways

rain to crazy winds in just seconds so

you really have to be prepared every

time that you go out or the changes in

the weather so let's dig into my checked

bag first so there's a couple things

that I like too that I'm gonna mention

that I use in every single time that I

pack and that's the packing cubes and

the vacuum sealed bags the packing cubes

I love they come in lots of different

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