HAWAII PACKING TIPS 🌺 WATCH THIS before your trip to Hawaii

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yes i'm just so excited you clicked on

this video because i know by the end of

this video you're gonna have learned so

much about hawaii that you are gonna

inevitably have a better


trip hey i'm finn one of the co-founders

of trip travel gear which is the channel

that you are watching i am also over on

our tim and finn travel vlog channel

where we share all of our travels around

the world

but today we have just come home from

hawaii and so instead of a pack with me

i'm doing an unpack with me which is

what we like to do on this channel we

like to unpack because we learn a lot

along the way while we are traveling and

so instead of us guessing at the

beginning of the trip what we will need

we're going to tell you what we are

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