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hi there friends welcome to my channel where I normally put up ideas that are

about kids ministry but today I'm doing something totally different

because I have had an amazing opportunity this year to do two holy

land trips and there are some things that I was very happy that I brought

along with my trip and some things I wish I had brought so I thought I would

just do a simple little tutorial of showing you the things that I found

really helpful if you're planning on doing a Bible lands tour in Israel first

of all we went when it was really hot we went at the beginning of May which was

really hot and we went at the beginning of October which was even hotter so it

was really important that we had a good hat now I like to use a visor which was

really helpful for me but my husband had only had a baseball cap that the

tour company had given us and he had wished he had brought a hat with a rim

because the back of your neck just really bakes the other thing that I was

really happy that I brought was an umbrella and it wasn't because of rain

it was because I ended up using this thing for shade because it was so hot in

that baking Sun so this was such relief when we were going on walks and standing

around and listening to things and looking at all the old ruins having an

umbrella for shade was so good I can highly recommend that the other thing

that you'll need of course is sunscreen so bring plenty of sunscreen - I was

happy that I brought was invisible zinc now what I did every morning is I put

this on my face under my makeup and I never had a problem with getting

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