SAFARI PACKING GUIDE | What to pack for an East African Safari!

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what's up friends so a little while ago

we came back from a African safari 12

days in Kenya and Tanzania haven't seen

the video we made from that trip yet I'm

gonna leave links down below you can go

check out it's a really cool one about

animals in East Africa and the great

migration today

I thought we would do kind of a little

unpack with me / what I packed on our

safari trip so we went to Kenya and

Tanzania but this would be applicable to

let's say a good chunk of other safaris

in Africa as well hey so if you enjoyed

this video don't forget to give a thumbs

up and to hit that subscribe button for

more travel advice and adventures as you

can imagine if you were doing a safari

you're gonna be in a vehicle and a lot

of times the vehicles that you use are

gonna be the same ones that like

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