What To Pack (and NOT PACK) For Your Alaska Cruise | Princess Cruises Majestic Princess

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good morning from Alaska I'm Stephen she's Andie  and we're aboard the Majestic Princess bringing  

you packing tips for your Alaska cruise that's  right first we're going to go through some items  

that are going to be good for you on just about  any cruise you're going to go on then we'll get  

to some items that are specific to Alaska and  will really help you out while you're here and  

finally stick around to the end because  we're gonna let you know exactly what you  

don't need to pack for this trip number one and  especially important if you carry a lot of devices  

cameras that sort of thing a usb charging dock  this is the one that we carry it's by Anker  

we'll link to it below it is so incredibly  handy because these cabins have like one port  

no two they have two plugs to plug things into so  if you've got phone iPad laptop cameras multiple  

cameras like we have you are going to be charging  everything 24/7. one of these docks is genius you  

don't need a power strip all you need is one of  these you can plug a whole bunch of stuff into it  

get everything charging overnight while you sleep  and you are good to go from one day to the next  

the next item luggage tag yeah cruise lines have  you print out paper luggage tags that they tell  

you to staple or tape onto the handle of  your bag the thing is that could rip off  

really easily and then who knows your bag could  get left behind misdirected not worth the risk  

fortunately you can get these sleeves on Amazon  they come in exactly the right size by cruise line  

so you're going to want to search by the cruise  line that you're sailing because different ones  

are longer and narrower a little bit wider and  shorter like this ours is Princess and I think  

it also is the same size for a couple of other  cruise lines so there are generally two sizes  

you're looking for search by your cruise line  you'll get exactly the right size that you need  

it's got this nice little hook here this just  untwists and goes right on the handle of your  

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