WHAT TO PACK FOR LONG TERM TRAVEL IN 2023 (CARRY-ON ONLY) - Must Have Items + Tutorial and Tips

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we've started our year of travel with

just what we're carrying in this video

we are going to show you everything

we've brought for a year of travel with

just carry on

we're keith and dev our goal is to make

the most of each day with adventures big

and small in 2021 we explored canada

from ontario all the way to vancouver

and this year we flew to europe

subscribe to follow along we're gonna go

through all our stuff by categories so

those categories are gonna be clothing

toiletries electronics miscellaneous

must-haves and then at the end we are

both gonna pick one item and tell you

why we think it's so important to bring

on this trip let's get to it

so here's all of our stuff

this is everything we've brought for our

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