How to pack and organize a hunting backpack

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all right so what I want to do now is

take you through exactly the how and why

I shove all my gear in my backpack for a

backpack style hunt if you want a quick

overview of exactly the gear I'm

carrying you can check out a recent

video we did about my 2018 tell me other

hunt that'll be in the description down

below as well as the link to an article

that outlines even further so today I'm

gonna start is basically to take your

backpack and what I like to do first is

go through all the straps and undo

anything any buckle you got on here is

to open the pack up just larger capacity

you can these bottom ones here just

makes it a lot easier when I start

shoving all your gear in there and so

it's like super tight down the bottom I

can actually fit a lot of stuff so open

everything up then why have to start

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