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people often go day hiking unprepared

it's important to bring the 10

essentials with you so you can stay safe

while on trail here's the deal and what

I like to take on a day hike so I've got

a couple different things in front of me

and these are all of the 10 essentials

so first you'll see that I have

navigation so that's a compass in a math

of the area where I'll be hiking and I

also have my headlamp just in case I'm

going early in the morning or staying

out later than I intend to here i've sun

protection so my sunglasses and a Sun

hid Sun Hat protect my face and I also

have my first-aid kit as well as some

waterproof matches and a knife this is a

space blanket so this is just some sort

of emergency shelter again this is all

just in case you get caught out longer

than you intend to be in the wilderness

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