PACK WITH ME FOR MEXICO!! travel essentials/must haves and packing tips :)

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hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is sarah if you're new i make a

bunch of vlogs lifestyle fashion wedding

related content so if you're interested

in any of that make sure you stick

around but i am leaving for mexico in

just two days and i am just like so

excited so it's so crazy um it's finally

here i'm going for my bachelorette trip

if you guys are not aware i'm going to

be leaving the day you guys are seeing

this so i will be arriving in mexico

the day this is posted if you're

watching it the day it's posted even a

few days after i will be in mexico

so make sure you're following me over on

instagram i will leave my username right

here so you guys can go check it out i

will be posting a lot on my stories and

my feed and everything so you guys can

keep up with my mexico trip and just

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