PACK WITH ME FOR VACATION | going to florida!

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hey guys what's up welcome or welcome

back to my channel

i lost my chest oh today's video is just

gonna be like a super chill little pack

with me vlog type thing i leave for my

condo in destin florida tomorrow morning

at 8 15. me and my boyfriend my mom and

my mom's boyfriend are going on a little

trip midsummer trip i'm really excited

it's gonna be so much fun and i'm so

excited to spend the week with leo right

now i need to focus on packing because i

leave tomorrow and i have nothing packed

if you guys have seen my previous pack

with me's or travel vlogs where i talk

about packing you guys would know that i

have a track record of being a

horrible overpacker and i'm really going

to try to limit that today

seven days six nights two days of travel


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