How to Pack for an Alaska Cruise and AVOID Overpacking

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if you're going on an Alaskan cruise

then you probably know that packing is a

bit of a challenge after all you want to

make sure that you have the right

clothing and gear for your excursions

for on the cruise ship and you probably

want to do that without over packing now

don't worry I'm keeping it real I have

everything that we brought on our seven

day Alaska cruise right behind me and

I'm sharing it all with you today


hi there I'm Ilana from the website welcome or welcome

back to my channel now we recently came

back from our very first Alaska cruise

it was absolutely amazing and what I'm

gonna do in today's video is really show

you the outfits that I wore on the

cruise I'll also show you a few things

that my husband and son brought in case

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