How to Pack a Carry-On Bag (4 to 7 Day Trip)

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for most trips the carry-on suitcase is

the perfect size it holds enough

clothing and shoes to last for about a

week depending on how much of a

minimalist you are and you don't have to

check a bag which makes getting in and

out of the airport easier now i don't

want to brag but what you may not know

about me is i have delta medallion

status delta silver to be specific sure

it's not platinum or diamond or even

gold but it's still status my point is i

packed a few suitcases in my day and

whether it's for a long weekend

destination wedding or a classic monday

to friday business trip efficient

packing will make your life easier the

name of the game is to maximize space

and minimize wrinkles so i'm gonna show

you how i pack a carry-on bag for a

week-long trip to make it realistic

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