WORK TRAVEL ESSENTIALS | What to Pack for a Business Trip + How to Prepare

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hey guys welcome back to another brand

new video tomorrow i will be traveling

in to stay for work it's my second work

trip in the past few weeks and so today

i thought i would share with you how i

pack for a work trip and my work trip

essentials in terms of work travel the

past few years have been pretty quiet

and locked down but in an ordinary year

i do take a fair few domestic trips some

of these are the really tiring fly in

and fly out on the same day but the

majority of these will involve at least

staying for the one night now i've got a

set of packing principles that guide me

and i will talk more in detail about

those later on in this video but those

packing principles apply regardless of

whether you are traveling for the one

night or for the one week and so let's

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