LAS VEGAS: 3 Day Itinerary

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hi guys we're here in Fabulous Las Vegas

this is my second time here and buddy's

fourth time and we put together the

perfect three day itinerary for you when

you arrive in Vegas grab a lift to your

hotel that should cost you around $10

I'm sure you'll be hungry so grab

something to eat one of our go-to spots

is bruxing however most of the food in

vegas is pretty great the real challenge

is finding something that's affordable

your first day should be spent exploring

the strip you'll be doing a lot of

walking so wear comfortable shoes this

trip is three miles long has so much to

see we're still discovering new things

on each trip some must-sees are the new

york new york skyline

Excalibur Castle the Eiffel Tower the

chandelier bar inside the cosmopolitan