Minimalist Pack with Me | 2 Weeks in a Carry On for Japan & Korea

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hello everybody I am going to Japan and

Korea for two weeks and because I am

visiting family when I go to Korea I

have a lot of stuff I have to bring back

for them which means that leaves me with

a carry-on so I'm gonna try to fit two

weeks worth of clothes into my carry-on

and to be efficient I need lists so I

always have a packing list ready to go

so I'm going to be spending 10 days in

Japan and five days in Korea I probably

won't do any laundry for the two weeks

so I just need to make sure I'm packing

enough not too much because we still

want to be minimalistic this is my large

check-in luggage I have a medium in here

but I'm just gonna bring a large because

I want to bring back stuff too my little

carry-on so actually a trick to

consolidate your suitcases is to put a

suitcase inside your suitcase and then

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