How To Pack For 2 Weeks In Europe In A Carry On & Chic Travel Outfits

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to celebrate my birthday and the launch

of fenwick i recently went to england

for two weeks with my husband we went to

london in the cotswolds and i packed for

the entire trip in a carry-on suitcase

so i want to go over all of that in

today's video i want to share what i

brought the color palette how i was able

to mix and match and then ultimately fit

it all into a carry-on suitcase and a

small personal bag i also want to thank

better help for sponsoring today's video

i'm really honored today to be able to

share everything that they're doing and

offer ten percent off your first month


audreycoin i'll put all that information

in the description box and then of

course share more in just a little bit

so let's get started i like to start

every travel capsule by looking at the

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