I Packed For 10 Days In 1 Carry-On

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this bag is the lots of traveling over

the years it might seem too small for

all your essentials but through my

travels with this one bag I've learned

how to pack for 10 days in just one

carry-on packing can be super stressful

here's how to avoid over-and-under

packing first take a look at your

itinerary the events and activities you

have planned will determine the types of

items needed going swimming bring a

swimsuit trekking through the rain

forest pack hiking boots for general

trips here's my rule of thumb only pack

items that are easy to mix and match

here's what I usually pack five tops the

more versatile two better for bottoms I

like two jeans a pair of pants and a

skirt for variety two dresses preferably

ones you can dress up or down one

sweater two light outer wears like a

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