How To Pack MINIMAL(VLOGGING) for 6 Months Abroad **IN DEPTH**

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hi guys welcome to my 6 months abroad is

coming up in two days packing video and

I better figure it out

wearing different outfits and looking


gives me deep joy this is how I pack as

a fashionable girl for six months so

this looks daunting to me um yeah this

is six months worth of things I would

say that I'm packing pretty light

because even though I'm bringing two

carry-on bags

my first carry-on backpack is pretty

much all electronics that I'm gonna be

needing for blogging if you're a person

that's not gonna be blogging you

basically I think could bring just a

carry-on and you'd be totally fine I

guess I'll start with my little tops

luckily only the first month of my trip

is gonna be cold and the rest is going

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