HOW TO PACK FOR THAILAND | 3 Weeks in Southeast Asia

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what is up guys I'm currently sitting

among my clothes because I want to do a

packing video for you guys today and if

you haven't seen my channel and this is

the first time that you guys are

stumbling upon my video my name is Laura

Reed I make travel lifestyle fashion

type content on here and I want to do a

video because those of you who have been

around a while know that I do go to

Southeast Asia

quite a bit and I'm actually leaving

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow for

Asia and I'm going to Thailand I'm

spending two and a half weeks there and

I feel like for me I've gotten to the

point where I can just pack and it

doesn't really take me much thought I

feel like I know exactly what I need to

bring um the stuff that I'll need versus

not what kind of toiletries I'll need

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