Travel Capsule: 3 Weeks in Europe | How to Pack Light - Carry-on | Slow Fashion

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this week I am packing for three weeks

away in delicious Europe one week on

Crete and two weeks in Puglia and south

of Italy because that is where I'm

heading next week so I thought I would

share with you how to pack light and a

couple of steps that I do in little

tidbits that I bring when I'm packing

for a three-week or longer holiday don't

worry this break for me does not mean an

interruption in content for you I will

still have a video every Sunday for the

time that I'm gone so I hope you enjoy

them and we note further ado let's jump

on in

I have to say I really enjoy the process

of trying to pack light for a holiday

because I think there's nothing like

having to really choose a select number

of pieces from what you already have to

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