How to Pack For 3 Weeks Backpacking in Europe!

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hi hello how's the Gary it's lalana so

hi hello I'm back I was just in Europe

for about two and a half weeks maybe a

little more backpacking so I brought one

big backpack

and I went to Norway Sweden Denmark in

Germany well I've done a few Packer in

later videos in the past I figured I'd

do a kind of updated one instead of

figured I would basically a pack my bag

on camera to show you guys genuinely

everything that brought and that got me

through the trip I decided I'd make this

for anybody out there who's gonna be

like backpacking soon throughout Europe

the last packing video I did was for

India so it was quite different clothing

there's a whole different continent

different cultures also - as a gal that

like enjoys fashion and still wanted to

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