How to Pack Food for Travel

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hi Holly Perkins here so I get questions

all the time about how I eat on the go

and I've really gone to the point where

I have not started taking food with me

when I travel and about town so one

thing that you need to know if you can

start carrying the review throughout the

day every day it makes a huge impact on

your diet your nutrition and your wallet

because it saves you a ton of money so

people are always asking me exactly how

I pack up my food so I am going to show

you today so I'm breaking it out into

two different things one is when I go

about a day here in my normal life and

I'm running around town and I know I'm

gonna have a busy day I take a big

cooler with me and this is what I'm

always telling you guys to get any

cooler works so this is my Big Mac Daddy

cooler I will literally fill this up

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