How to Pack Your Backpack the Right Way | Outside

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hi my name is Taylor G I'm an editorial

fellow here at outside magazine and last

summer I flew hiked the Pacific Crest

Trail so today what I wanted to show you

was how I packed my backpack which is an

important skill to learn if you want to

be happy and not miserable on the trail

so this is how I did it so when I was

packing my backpack you know I could

think of it in four different categories

you have what's on the bottom what's in

the middle what's on top and what's in

the accessory pockets often on the

outside knowing those different

categories and the weight distribution

is really important to packing your

backpack right the very first thing I

always put in my backpack is my sleeping

bag and there are a few different

reasons for that one of the reasons is

that you always want your lightest gear

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