8 Little Known Travel Hacks for Flying Carry-on Only (Secret Packing Tips)

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I'm gonna teach you how to fly carry-on

only and it's really not as hard as you

think even though I travel a lot I still

seem to over pack all the time but I'm

always able to fly without checking a

bag and it's because I have a secret

weapon so in this video I'm sharing all

my carry-on travel hacks including how I

packed for a three week trip using only

carry-on luggage okay first why carry on

only well these days there's so many

bags getting lost and it's probably not

going to get better anytime soon and

there's nothing worse than starting your

vacation with having to deal with a lost

bag right both my husband and I have

been flying carry-on only for several

years now and not only is it just

freeing and liberating we never have to

worry about our bags getting lost we

never have to wait at the luggage

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