Packing for a FAMILY ROAD TRIP with FOUR KIDS 🚙 Packing and Car Organization HACKS

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hey guys and welcome to the family fudge

today I'm getting ready for our huge

cross-country family road trip with four

kids so that takes a lot of packing a

lot of planning but I actually really

enjoy it so come along with me today and

I'll share all my tips with you now

first things first you guys this car is

a mess so I'm actually going to do

something I've never done before I'm

going to take it to an auto cleaning

place and let them detail clean it I'm

super excited here's the before and then

here's the after they did such a good

job it looks almost like a brand new car

now in fact it actually looks better

than when I bought it so we're gonna be

driving from California to Florida and

we think it's gonna take at least six or

seven days but we're not really on a

tight schedule so it could be up to ten

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