How to Pack Books

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How to Pack Books

tablets and e-readers are a great way to store lotsa books in a very small space

but some of us like to have the actual books for those with the library in your


moving can be quite a workout if you don't pack right so follow the steps to

protect your books

and your back while you're moving burst start with a small box

if you have oversize books you can use a larger box

you just don't wanna fill it up all the way and always used crush packing paper

develop all the extra space reinforce the bottom of the box with two layers a

packing tape

and tape all the seams line the inside the box with a layer of crushed packing


now you're ready to start packing sort your books by size

hardbacks should be packed Spina spine while paperbacks

should be stacked vertically if you had any special books

wrapped in packing paper before you put them in the box

there are three ways to pack books standing

stacked and spine down for standing placed in like you would

on a shelf based the pages to the outside walls in the box

with the spine facing inward for a second row repeat the process

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