How to Roll Clothing for Packing : Smart Packing & Travel Tips

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hi I'm Leslie Wilmot wardrobe and

packing expert for smart packing and

founder of smart women on the go in this

video I'm going to show you how to roll

clothing for packing now throughout the

world there are rollers and there are

folders personally I use both techniques

but rolling is a good thing to do

depending on the type of suitcase you

have and the type of clothing it's best

for very casual clothing or denims like

these jeans or for knits or synthetic

fabrics they don't wrinkle very much at

all and so rolling is a good thing to do

for those and it helps you get that

clothing into little nook and crannies

of a suitcase or if you have got a

duffel bag or a backpack you're going to

want to roll your clothes to more

effectively pack this type of bag now

let me show you how to do it to roll a

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