A Guide to Filling a Heavy Bag | TITLE Boxing | The Benefits of the Unfilled Heavy Bag

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the benefits of buying an unfilled heavy

bag are simple an unfilled bag is

cheaper you pay less in shipping and you

can personalize the bag to your own

personal preference if you want it

harder you simply fill it more if you

want it lighter for more movement you

use less stuffing if you want it heavier

add more sandbags to the center there

are tons of options when you choose an

unfilled heavy bag the best part is that

you get to customize it to you and your

specific boxing style

you know there are also levels to

stuffing an unfilled heavy bag but just

to keep it real and basic here's the

most simplistic way

first gather as many old clothes as you

can clean out your closet ask your

friends or get your fighters to donate

here's a tip though you will need more

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