Survivorman | Masterclass | Canoe Camping 4 | Packing the Canoe

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well it's been a few weeks since I first

showed you how to tie the canoe onto the

roof of a vehicle and in that time it's

rained a lot the water is up nice and

high which is great for canoeing but

what's happened is now that the Sun is

out the leaves are out on the trees and

of course the bugs are back but that's

alright because it's prime time for



all right now this is the benefit of

having a Kevlar Canal they're so

incredibly light it's nothing for me to

just slip it over sponges protect the

roof of the for it's really easy for me

just to pick it up like this down on my

shoulders that's another story when

you've got a big ABS canoe up there or

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