How To Pack Your Rucksack DofE

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we may have teamed up with go outdoors

and I'm going to show you how to pack a

rucksack in the most efficient way so we

like to split up kit into three groups

our red group our amber group and our

green group the tendon is usually

preferable to be on the outside and our

red though here we have our sleeping bag

which is in its dry bag and our sleeping

mat again in a dry bag so these are the

heavier items go to the bottom of your

bag which is where they should be but

also other things that you won't

necessarily need until later on in the

day so our amber zone is for kit that we

may use intermittently throughout the

day such as our so fare clothes gas and

some food and finally we have our green

zone which is the things we may use a

lot more frequently love's waterproof

jacket first-aid kit water and map and

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