How Much can you get in a Uhaul 6 x 12 Trailer

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well hi there everybody you're trying

with me jack and of course as always

with my beautiful heavenly wife pam and

of yes indeed we are a traveling again

take a look that's right the old

highlander is once again hooked up and


with another six by twelve u-haul

trailer first of all though

to the over two thousand of you that do

subscribe to our channel thank you for

subscribing to the over twenty five

thousand 000 who've looked at the u-haul

video that i did previously please hit

the subscribe button as well

in the meantime we want to talk a little

bit more about our experience with the

6x12 u-haul trailer this is our second

time around the first video did so well

though i wanted to add a few pointers

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