mortice lock bypass

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was to explain why it's absolutely vital

do you never leave the key to remorse

lock in the lock when the door is locked

that makes sense there we have a mortise

lock in the lock position the keys on

the inside of your door you may have

gone to bed like this and lock the door

leaving the key in the back in the

inside of the door from the outside of

your house this can be quickly unlocked

now if you watch that bolt your doors

now unlocked and can be opened never

leave your key in the back of the door

when the door is locked

here we help a Chubb 5 lever mortise

deadlock meets British standards

Scott the curtain in ok with a piece of

pipe that's all we're going to use just

a piece of pipe it's very very easy to

throw the ball back on that door and

unlock it you watch the board I'll just

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