Doom (2016) How to get inside secret Classic Door on Mission 01 - The UAC

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what's going on good people today's

video air for doom 2016 I'm gonna give

you guys a few tips on how to get inside

the secret plastic door on mission zero

one the UAC so what I'm on let's get

started so as you can see right here the

secret door is located in this

particular point on the map try my best

to show you but it's real simple to get

inside all we need to do is look off to

the right go through this passageway

right over here and pull this lever

right here put your back into it mr.

doom guy and then once we pull the lever

there's a little sound effect music and

we should be good to go now we can enter

inside the secret classic door room and

if you're familiar with doom this might

look a little familiar man might look a

little reminiscent of doom 2 if I'm not

mistaken so just go ahead take out all

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