COL Financial Online Application | How to Register in COL Financial Account Online

how to open col financial account online


investment natal parasama fw miners or


please click the subscribe button


online and actually col financial issues

online brokerage philippines is a stock


user-friendly interface now col


aid is convenient

stock market and stock market journey

first step online account with col


and by the way for as low as one

thousand pesos spread economic invest

hindi ito bayern

instead starting capital moto sas oil

financial which is

one thousand pesos

batman as a bond paper together with

your three signatures


to your uh banking account so let's


and then they took us a website now cll

financial that's uh

this foreign acl account online

open seo account online

is either computer or cell phone i'm

expecting foreign i'll proceed

opening an account using my desktop so

they might require me students

overseas remittance data so let's

proceed and i'll sign up i'll click this

sign up button

certainly my photo requirements three

signature samples with your id

so anita young id mo anything signature

mo selfie with your id so that matters

and for employed and self-employed sss

gsis or crn

number and also for my norris birth


so i'll click this get started and

scroll down

online securities trading agreement

and i'll go ahead and click agreement

and for step one i'll provide


phone numbers

verification code to see world financial

and i'll check this i'm not a robot and

click next

and then send them verification links

email address

so i'll open my email account and it's

an email from sql financial so i'll

click this

i don't want to sign up at so legitimate

email address so i'll click this verify





i'll click next

18 years old frederick joined accounts

individual so i'll select this

and click on some next button

and completing the restaurant in civil

status birth date

and country information


country of residence

and i'll click next and press

address and for here mailing or your


address call any present address

is the same as my permanent address so

i'll toggle this on

so now in the address and i'll click



and for employment status

retired student unemployed or homemaker

and ofw subscriber financial and freddie

mac start

invest online it's a stock

and market interesting details like a

young job title

or your position and then the rest of

information need about the business or

the company

and for id type sss in sakhan


and i'll click next and need additional



um is the company no

director officer or employee sub broker

or dealer no shareholder kaba

no number or dealer have you employed

local or foreign government agency or


organization no

also know how deep did you find cereal


so social media and scroll down and

leave a second for question number seven


um seminary c-o-l

and are you a us person

disclosures and also

normally investment accounts





when it comes to investing stock market


their platform which is col financial


and click next

and financial profiles

and sources of funds and salary and also


and click next

questions financial

risk profiles

first question what is your investment

objective so

you're looking for work for high returns


high risk opinion for a second question

anonymous investment experience more

knowledge so

how long can you keep your funds

invested so second long term

uh let's uh login i think it is more

than five years

and how much of your savings are you

willing to invest

um details you go to more than half of

my savings



and i'll click next and for withdrawal


if your bank is not in cos list of

partner banks withdrawals can only be


by check pick up so online and


is partnered with col

so second credit to bank account and

your bank


click open




if you want to continue the application

click this one you luna button

and to continue with the process may not

receive a phone code from col

and can i only enter your otp code now

and click verify

and even sign up for next

and first step four record yourself so

please record yourself by looking from


to right within five seconds so i'll

complete this step


and i'll click next

it's asking for ready in a robotic

submitting application

update some more details more you can

click this back button saf and i'll


clicking this submit button


and now congratulations you've

accomplished your col account opening


indeed you review any cll financial new

application nathan for completeness

we invest we share you decide see you in

our next video bye