How to Privately Signal to Recruiters You’re Open to New Job Opportunities? | Career Move

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- Hi, today I will like to show you

how you can use your LinkedIn profile

when you're looking for a job,

and I'm going to share with you my five amazing tips

as a ex-LinkedIn employee.

Let's get started.

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Welcome, if it's your first time in my channel,

welcome to my channel.

In this channel, I cover career tips, best practices,

and best practice on LinkedIn for personal profile

and company profile.

So if you wanna know more,

you can check out my other videos as well.

But today, I want to show you five important tips

that you can actually apply,

and that's really going to help you to find the dream job

that you're looking for, so let's start with the first one.

Under your Private Settings, there's one section

that you should definitely activate,

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