How to Talk Politics and Keep Friends | Timothy Dale | TEDxUWLaCrosse

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that was in college I volunteered at a

Senior Center and I did a lot of puzzles

taking trips to the local movie theater

but I felt like I wanted to do something

more and this was about the time where

poker was being televised on TV some of

these poker tournaments and I thought

it'd be really fun if we had a poker

club at the Senior Center so I put out a

sign-up sheet I talked to some people

who were really interested in it but no

one signed up for the poker club and it

was a little strange so I went around

and asked some people why they weren't

signing up and they said well we would

but we're really afraid people are gonna

talk politics at the poker club and so I

said well I think I have a solution to

this so we would create a poker club and

there would be two rules two poker club

the first rule of poker Club is we're