How to Talk Politics When You Disagree | Ciaran O'Connor | TEDxYouth@Austin

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you know that moment when you're hanging

out with your friends or you're sitting

around the dinner table with your

parents and all of a sudden the

conversation turns to politics all of a

sudden someone says something about the

Liberals or the Conservatives or

something they saw on fox or MSNBC or

maybe tick tock I don't know all of a

sudden things start to feel a little bit

tense what should I do in this situation

is this gonna turn into a fight am I

gonna have to defend my positions is

this gonna destroy my relationship what

should I do I'm here today to talk about

politics but not about what you should

believe or who you should vote for I'm

here to talk about what you can do when

politics comes up in the conversation

and how we can talk to people we

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