How to calculate excluding hidden rows in Excel

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I'm going to talk about doing calculations ignoring hidden rows so we

have a table here of numbers and so let's scroll down to the bottom and so

let's go in in this column which is calling code 2 and let's do an automatic

sum and you reek you get the total of 4604.084 so that's that's

perfect now let's go and select a bunch of : or a bunch of rows here and we're

gonna hide these now the total doesn't change so sometimes you you would like

to just total the numbers that are visible to you and you're not interested

in totaling the numbers that you don't see so I'm gonna show you how to

do this and with a function we're using is subtotal and so in the next the next

cell below this I will go equals subtotal and what you do is you you

select what you want to what type of calculation you'd like to do and it's

you have average count and so I'd like to do some now some it's gonna give me

the exactly the same thing it's gonna calculate all the numbers but if you add

a hundred to this sum function you're going to get some without the totaling

the numbers they can't see so let's go 109 and then we'll put a comma in there

and then we will select the top of our range so we're gonna select from here

until there and that's the range we wanted a subtotal and then we press put

an ending bracket on here and there there we get the total of the values

that you see as opposed to the total total of all the values include the

first one is the one including the hidden values and this is just

the values that you see so that's how you do functions using the subtotal so

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