How To Tell If You Smell - Quick And Easy Test

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Here at the Infographics Show we know a young man called James.

There is something we all know about James and that’s the fact he smells bad.

None of us have said anything about it, because we are all too polite and don’t want to

hurt his feelings.

James is a sensitive fella.

Occasionally we’ll bump into him at the water fountain and he’ll start talking about

ideas for new shows.

What he doesn’t know is that while he’s doing this we’ll be holding our breath.

We just nod and smile, but that gets pretty difficult after around 30 seconds.

When you finally do start breathing you are immediately engulfed by his toxic stink.

It seems to seep from his mouth, the pores of his skin, his head, his feet; he’s like

a walking talking decomposition of himself.

How does he not know this?!

Poor James eh, such a lovely guy who just seems totally unaware that people avoid him

because he has a staggering odor problem.

He could slay dragons with that smell.

Do you know, science says the human nose can detect about one trillion scents, but it seems

we are not so good at detecting our own foul odor.

James isn’t the only person with this problem, lots of folks emit odors that can at times

act as people repellents, and sometimes they have no idea why friends keep their distance.

It could be you; you could be another James.

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