Everything You NEED To Know About The Taxi Business (Ultimate Guide) | GTA 5 Online

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ladies and gentlemen welcome to this

quick tutorial letting you know how you

can get started with the taxi business

as well as how everything works first

and foremost go to this location on your

map which is near the casino and you'll

be able to get started with it you

simply walk into the white circle and

everything will be going from there when

you do this for the first time we agreed

with a short little cutscene to explain

exactly how everything works but

considering you're watching this I'll do

all the Talking when starting the taxi

jobs are from the business you'll be

able to rent a taxi which you can then

use for the duration of the taxi jobs it

is obviously possible to to purchase

your own taxi but this will cost you 650

000 if you complete 10 of these taxi

jobs in a row you unlock the trade price

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