How to Convert a Read-Only Excel File to an Editable File : MIcrosoft Excel Tips

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hi my name is Bree Clark and I'm a

software expert and today I'm going to

show you how to convert a read-only file

into a file you can write over in

Microsoft Excel

now the spreadsheet I have open doesn't

necessarily look read-only unless you

look at the top it says invoice xlsx and

then it says read-only if I try to save

it's going to tell me that it says it

can't save it because the file is

read-only so let's go take care of that

I'm going to click OK and then I'm just

going to press escape to get out of the

save as dialog box I'm going to close

this file for right now and come over to

Windows and browse to where the file

exists here it is invoice XLS X I'm

going to right click on it and go down

to properties and in here

it has an attribute on the general tab

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