How to Stop Mac from Sleeping? | Always Keep Mac Screen on With This Setting

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how to keep screen on in Mac if you're

using MacBook and MacBook Pro or iMac

the steps are going to be same now many

people are irritated with the problem of

screen turning off automatically after a

certain period of inactivity now to

avoid this you can follow these simple

steps now the very first step you have

to do is you have to go in Apple logo on

the left hand side top corner and select

system settings once you select system

settings a pop-up window will appear on

screen so scroll down till you get

screen saver option select that and on

the right hand side again there are

multiple option but you have to select

lock screen settings option select lock

screen setting and then we are on lock

screen page now there are multiple

options present below it so let's look

at it the very first option is start

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