How to Fix Permanently Suspended Twitter Account (2023)

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hey guys in this video I'm going to show

you how to fix a permanently suspended

Twitter account so if you got your

Twitter account permanently suspended or

just suspended in general and you didn't

do anything wrong against the community

guidelines and nothing like that and

I'll show you guys how to unsuspect your

account on Twitter so first things first

if I try to log into my Twitter as you

can see here it doesn't show anything on

here it's all just blocked and I can't

do anything at all if you guys have this

problem I'll show you guys how to fix it

so first click on your profile picture

in the top left of your screen and then

click on settings and support which is

at the very bottom of the bar and here

click on help center which is the second

option in this drop down bar once you

click on help center you'll be brought

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