Fear Of Bees ? Honeybees Yellowjackets Wasps This Will Help

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hey everybody this is David's barnyard

bees today's video is about the fear of

bees and wind and Whitin and when you

should not be cautious with them in

different scenarios and even with

different genetics of these it could all

vary from the type of bee that's that

you have right here I didn't get the

camera just to get enough it's my pollen

theater it's where they're just they're

just thousands and thousands of bees and

they're just right here all the way with

me all around the legs flying landed on


these bees that have absolutely no

reason at all to try to sting me none

and they their purpose is here is to

feed and that's all they're thinking

about they're not thinking about their

hive and protecting the brood or

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