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okay hello everybody welcome back to my


so I want to just kind of sit down and

be like 100% real with y'all I have not

felt like filming these last few days I

really didn't even think I was going to

film today because I have been so under

the weather I've been so sick for the

last few days and honestly I know it's

because I completely stressed my body

out I went to Tokyo so I flew from

Charlotte to Dallas Dallas to Tokyo and

so that's the thing like 16 17 hours of

flying I would say for three days and

then flew back then I had to work right

after that I went in flew to Germany for

one day and then flew back and right

after that I had to work and so these

last couple days I've had a few days off

and then I go back to work tomorrow so

my body has had it with me like it is so

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