How To Stop Getting Mad At Video Games

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hey what's up everybody how are y'all

doing today hope you're doing well and

having a fantastic Monday hope launch

weekend was a good one for you with

black ops for this weekend this week is

a new week and the first thing I want to

discuss this week is raging slash

tilting if you've never raged at a video

game I don't really think you've ever

played a video game [ __ ] happens

we all get mad at video games one time

or another it's extremely annoying and

when somebody tells you it's just the

game oh my god that makes it even worse

hey if you're somebody looking to get

over the rage it just won't go away

forever unless somehow you became you

become a God at every damn video game

you play but chances are you probably

won't no matter how good you are at one

game it's really hard to transition into

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