Tackling a Fear: Sleepovers

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hi everyone so today I don't really have

a specific plan for this video I wanted

to talk about sort of facing your fears

and confronting anxiety and for me at

the moment that is specifically centered

around sleepovers as a child and never

had any problem with it never got

homesickness absolutely fine and then

during my mid-teens when my anxiety got

really severe and I effectively sort of

had a nervous breakdown a lot of the

things I used to find very easy became

very difficult and sleepovers were one

of them

and in February I was in a situation

where I could have had a slept round

which I sort of it was basically it was

the first panic attack I'd had in a long

time suddenly it was like the thought

hit me and I just had a huge panic

attack and I ended up going home and

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