In-depth: Esophageal cancer symptoms to look for and why it kills most who are diagnosed with it

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now the first thing i did was go to you

know google i think it's a lot of people

would and um and do some research on it

and um you know i was concerned because

what i found is that usually when they

find it you know sometimes it's just too


that was a survivor of a rare disease

called esophageal cancer it affects the

lining of your esophagus and is often

times deadly the good news is if caught

early chances of survival are high abc

action news indepth reporter anthony

hill is speaking with doctors about how

to decrease your chances of getting this

form of cancer

esophageal cancer is a rare and deadly

form of cancer that attacks the lining

of the esophagus also known as the food

pipe the food pipe connects the mouth to

the stomach and the best way to increase

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