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welcome to Britt lab where we're going

to be giving you advice based mainly on

science about how to pace yourself on a

big night out on a night out is the

first drink that tastes the best and

disappears the quickest and it's the

first drink that's the one you've got

away because with all its good

intentions and high ambitions it's the

first drink that leads to the second

drink and the third and the fourth and

the fifth and before you know it you're

doing magnificent one-arm press ops on

the bar or if you're my identical twin

brother then you find yourself in the

grip of an uncontrollable urge to sing

country karaoke music and then dissolve

into sobbing you're really Johnny a

second ago what an imbecile alcohol is

one of the strongest drugs that's known

to man and I don't mean that lightly

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