How To Legally Post Cover Songs To YouTube | Get Paid!

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okay so you're doing or what to do

covers and remixes for you too but the

problem is everyone's telling you eh you

can't make any money with those videos

be YouTube's gonna take those videos

down and ban your channel and see the

labels going to claim that make all this

money and all this adsense revenue off

of your video in your hard work and

that's a problem I'd be concerned too I

was in the past I figured it out and

this is how you do it what's going on

guys ad on my visa here to

help you go further faster in your music

career by sharing proof and marketing

techniques and strategies to take that

passion for making music and turn it

into a legitimate business that's gonna

provide you with freedom and fulfillment

to the most important things in life in

general and I'm a living breathing

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